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 New OSHA/NFPA standards for combustible dust and new OSHA regulations for hexavalent chromium.
Is your system conforming to OSHA standards?

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Product Catalog - Used Equipment

(1) HPT-128 Dust Collectors
Donaldson Torit Used 1997 HPT 128 Dust Collector
(1) MDV-6000 w-HEPA
Aercology / Donaldson Torit MDV-6000 w-HEPA
(1) TD-4600-155 Dust Collector
USED Torit 24 Cartridge Dust Collector, 30hp Fan, Control Panel
No Image
(1) Used 4-16 dust collector
USED 16 cartridge dust collector
(1) Used DFT 4-16
USED Torit DFT 4-16
(1) Used Model 24 Cyclone w/FBA 7.5hp
Torit Model 24 Cylone with Filter Back Pack - 7.5hp
(1) Used Torit SDF-6 dust collector
(1) Used Torit SDF-6 dust collector, 10 HP powerpack, Drum cover adapter, Motor controls, Cleaning controls
No Image
Used 2DF12 Dust Collector
Used Donaldson Torit DF - 12 Cartridge Dust Collector
Used DFO 2-12
Used Donaldson DFO 2-12 dust collector
Used DFO 2-4
Used 4 Cartridge Dust Collector
Used Torit Environmental Control Booth
Used Donaldson Torit ECB-6 (6 Mods, 36 Filters Total) Environmental Control Booth