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 New OSHA/NFPA standards for combustible dust and new OSHA regulations for hexavalent chromium.
Is your system conforming to OSHA standards?

>>See our regulations page

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Hooded Fan Direct Drive

Triangle Engineering  Hooded Direct Drive Roof Fan

Standard sizes are 24 in.  thru 60 in. blade diameter
CFM ranges from 5,400 to 57,483
Motors are heavy duty totally enclosed fan cooled
Designed for Intake, Exhaust or Reversible Systems
Taper lock bushing between propeller and shaft for ease of removal
Four and Six high efficient Air Foil cast aluminum blades
Welded steel structural frame for added support with less vibration
Deep spun venturi-type orifice for quieter, more efficient operation
Polyester powder coated inside panel for long life and superior corrosion resistance